Key Functions

  1. Improving the service standards of the Sri Lanka Police with the objective of ensuring public safety through delivering a quality service.
  2. Strengthening the Civil Security Department for the security and welfare of rural communities.
  3. Implementing the programme with religious centers, social organizations and public and private sectors to rid the society from the menace of drugs at the community level as well as for children in schools and educational institutions, public and private work places.
  4. Control and suppression of robberies, murders, anti-social activities and crimes to keep public life safe.
  5. Maintaining the necessary care for all citizens of the country, especially for women and children, to live their lives freely.
  6. Reorganizing and modernizing the Traffic Police using modern technologies and techniques to enforce a systematic traffic regulation system and legal framework in order to prevent disorderly use of vehicles on roads, road accidents, deaths, injuries and hospitalizations and irregular and careless driving, violations of lane rules and road signs, as well as to reduce traffic congestion, especially in urban areas, caused by irregular driving and roadside parking.